Drive Team Performance Through Better Knowledge

SmartWinnr is a gamified platform that helps your team to be smarter, sell more and stay compliant through regular short quizzes and micro-learning feeds.

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Be Smarter

Today's employees often struggle with information overload. SmartWinnr helps your team to remain at the top of their knowledge curve through AI-driven personalized quizzes and feeds. Experience just-in-time knowledge and Just-for-me knowledge.

Sell More

Entrusted with selling multiple product lines, today's sales reps find it difficult to recall crucial product information. SmartWinnr helps your reps to have a more meaningful conversation with your customers thus resulting in better sales performance. Know More

Stay Compliant

The cost of non-compliance can be huge for industries operating in regulated environments. Often non-compliance results from a lack of awareness among the employees. SmartWinnr helps you to reduce such compliance breaches and to move from an incident-drive to a proactive approach. Know More

When can you use SmartWinnr?

New Product Launch

Your reps should be highly knowledgeable on new product details to ensure sales success. Traditional approach relies on training and one-time assessments, which doesn’t help in knowledge retention. Use SmartWinnr to send automate individualized product information sharing. Create a set of challenge quizzes. The goal-oriented gamified quizzes will result in better learning and higher retention.

Onboarding New Sales Reps

Organizations take up to 6 months to make new sales recruits fully productive. Use SmartWinnr to accelerate their learning on your organizational processes, culture, history, product knowledge and many more aspects. You can easily use SmartWinnr to create a set of SmartFeeds and SmartQuizzes which takes the new member through all that needs to be learned to be a successful member of your existing team.

Sales Channel Activation

SmartWinnr can be extended to your external stakeholders as well. Thus you can use it for total sales channel activation including your team and external distributors. Using SmartWinnr you can easily ensure that reps across channels are having the same level of information and product messaging on your new product or service.

Refresher Trainings

Research shows about 80% of knowledge is lost within 90 days of any training. Give your reps a boost by creating refresher quizzes on product knowledge, sales techniques, and other concepts. Giving regular refresher quizzes can reduce training needs and help you save time and resources. SmartWinnr’s proprietary machine-learning engine automatically identifies individual gaps and sends appropriate SmartQuizzes and SmartFeeds.

Raise Compliance Awareness

Lack of compliance awareness has been one of the top contributors to compliance breaches. Today's employees often struggle to keep up with frequent changes in regulations which lead to breaches. A one-time training is not effective in helping them retain the changes. SmartWinnr's combinations of regular automated SmartFeeds and SmartQuizzes is highly effective in long-term retention of regulatory knowledge.

Measure and Manage Compliance Knowledge

Compliance breaches are best avoided through a proactive approach. A crucial element in that regard is measuring the compliance knowledge of your team. SmartWinnr provides automatic real-time analytics about knowledge levels at an individual, team and geography level. You can thus proactively identify issues in advance and take remedial measures.

Make Regulatory Training Fun and Engaging

Employees often take regulatory training and assessment as a perfunctory exercise, often collaborating in answering mandatory assessments. SmartWinnr's gamification engine taps into their inherent competitive spirit to make compliance learning fun and engaging.

Train All Stakeholders on Compliance

For regulated industries like BFSI, Pharma etc. it is often mandatory to train not only your direct employees but also all third-party service providers. This is often a costly affair, especially for geographically dispersed teams. SmartWinnr can significantly reduce compliance training costs through its algorithm-driven learning approach.

Prepare Team for Audits and Regulatory Exams

Companies operating in regulated industries have to undergo mandatory audits. Often employees have to take periodic certification exams. SmartWinnr is often used by our customers as an effective way to help employees prepare for audits and certification exams.

Smarter Executives = Higher Performance

Teams having regular knowledge reinforcement see 20% improved performance. SmartWinnr helps to enhance knowledge and drive superior performance.

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Drive Performance

Knowledge is a key ingredient for organization success - be it sales, customer support or any other role. SmartWinnr gives your team the right knowledge at the right time. The result - a high performing team that delivers results.

Reduce Cost

By reducing the need to get all participants in the same room and eliminating paper-based assessments, SmartWinnr helps enterprises to reduce training cost and free employee time for better productive use. Our customers have successfully reduced upto 40% of classroom trainings while driving the knowledge retention using SmartWinnr.

Reduce Time and Effort

The entire SmartWinnr platform is designed to reduce the effort required from Trainers and Managers. The extremely easy-to-use interface with centrally reusable Question Bank and SmartFeeds Bank, automated delivery of questions and feeds only makes it easier for the Trainers to manage team knowledge. Managers get in-depth analytics about the team knowledge health in realt-time.

Increase Knowledge Retention

SmartWinnr’s learning model is rooted in the elements of Cognitive Science. Regular and automated knowledge reinforcements help your executives to retain crucial information through continuous learning and to always be at the top of the knowledge curve.

Cognitive Science + Gamification + Artificial Intelligence = New Learning Paradigm

Cognitive Science

Research shows that training by itself is not sufficient to ensure learning. It needs to be complemented by tests. However, one-time tests encourage temporary rote learning and are ineffective in long-term retention. Multiple studies show that Interspaced learning through periodic quizzes is a highly effective way to increase cognition and retention.

SmartWinnr helps your team to increase their knowledge and improve retention through periodic short SmartQuizzes and SmartFeeds - Twitter-like feed with individualized knowledge content.


Disinterested learners are poor learners. That is why SmartWinnr integrates game mechanics. Executives win performance-driven badges, gain knowledge levels and are ranked in leaderboards. The goal is to maximize engagement while making learning fun.

By tapping into learners’ inherent competitive spirit, SmartWinnr helps to make learning fun and highly engaging.

AI-Driven Delivery

SmartWinnr’s proprietary Knowledge Analytics Predictive Engine (KAPE™) uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to find knowledge gaps at an individual level. The KAPE engine then automatically sends the right SmartFeeds and SmartQuizzes to bridge the gap. By highlighting potential knowledge gap through its predictive algorithms, SmartWinnr helps enterprises to take remedial measures before the knowledge gap starts to impact revenue.

The SmartWinnr Advantage Request for demo

Intuitive and Easy-to-use

Our customers love the simplicity of SmartWinnr. Executives with limited time can take quizzes and read feeds with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

Ready to Go in Minutes

SmartWinnr’s intuitive interface lets you create and assign quizzes and feeds in minutes. Save time by scheduling quizzes/feeds in advance. Reuse questions and feeds from a central repository.

Real-time Actionable Insights

SmartWinnr’s proprietary 'Knowledge Analytics Predictive Engine' (KAPE™) provides real-time insights that help you to identify knowledge gaps at an individual, team and geography level. Take corrective actions before the knowledge gap impacts your business goals.

Built for the Enterprise

SmartWinnr is built from ground up as an Enterprise performance tool. Fortune 500 companies in regulated industries rely on SmartWinnr because of the enterprise-grade compliance, security, and support that we provide.